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Introducing the soulful sounds of Cedric B, a dynamic African American artist hailing from the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. From a young age, Cedric B has been immersed in the world of music, kicking off his journey by picking up the drumsticks at a mere 8 years old.


Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Cedric B draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry that defines his hometown. Infusing elements of R&B, rap, and pop, he has crafted a distinctive sound that resonates with authenticity and raw emotion.


With an innate musical talent, Cedric B quickly evolved from a young drummer to a multifaceted artist, skillfully navigating the realms of songwriting and production. His early exposure to the rhythmic beats of the drums laid the foundation for his rhythmic prowess, evident in every note and lyric he pens.


Cedric B cites iconic figures such as Michael Jackson and Chris Brown among his influences, shaping his artistic identity and influencing the fusion of genres that define his music. Drawing inspiration from the legends who came before him, Cedric B seamlessly blends the smooth melodies of R&B, the lyrical flow of rap, and the infectious hooks of pop.


In the studio, Cedric B is a sonic architect, meticulously crafting each composition to convey his personal experiences and reflections on life. His lyrics delve into the complexities of love, relationships, and the hustle, mirroring the realities of his journey as an artist and an individual.


Beyond the beats and melodies, Cedric B brings a magnetic stage presence that captivates audiences. Whether he's commanding the mic with his rap verses or serenading the crowd with soulful R&B croons, his performances are a testament to the passion and dedication he pours into his craft.


As Cedric B continues to carve his path in the music industry, his music serves as a testament to the diversity and innovation that thrives in the Dallas music scene. With each release, he invites listeners into his world, where the rhythmic pulse of the drums from his childhood serves as a heartbeat, driving the soulful melodies and compelling narratives that define his artistry. Keep an ear out for Cedric B, a rising star whose musical journey promises to leave an indelible mark on the world of R&B, rap, and pop.


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Latest Release

COMING February 23, 2024

Top of My Game Cover | Dream Media, LLC

Top of my game

An R&B/Rap/Pop Journey

Cedric B, the reining RnB prince of the South hits us again, but this time fuses R&B, Rap and pop to formulate a hugely commercial, yet unique and fresh vibe. "Top of My Game" is a venture into the soul and takes you on a journey of what it like to be a creature of Love...This release has everything...From Club Bangers like "I Really Mean What I Say" to Afro Beat centric type songs like "Remarkable", to Ballsy Spill your guts out pop songs like "Damaged Gudz" to the album alma matter and pop/RnB fused tune "Top of My Game", this album has something for everyone.

Coming February 23, 2024 EVERYWHERE YOU BUY MUSIC...

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"Top of My Game"

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"Your Favorite mp3" is the perfect blend of old school and new school R&B.  Dallas crooner Cedric B highly delivers on this incredibly commercial release from an independent that makes the majors take notice.  This cd is chock full of Bangers, from the club to the Bedroom and was written for the females, but the males will also bob their head.

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